Intro 簡介

Welcome to Chiang’s Wing Chun website.  Chiang’s Wing Chun originates from Sum Nung in Guang Zhou City.  Sum Nung is the Sifu of Lee Chi Yiu.  Lee Chi Yiu is the Sifu of Philip Kin Shing Chiang.  Sum Nung Wing Chun is part of Guang Zhou Wing Chun Martial Arts Association.  This association is founded by my grand master Sum Nung in 1989.  The purpose of establishing Chiang’s Wing Chun is to be able to comprehensively promote Sum Nung Wing Chun, so more interests from overseas whom do not know Wing Chun or any Wing Chun lineage can be exposed to Sum Nung Wing Chun.  To understand, and record Sum Nung, Lee Chi Yiu, and Philip Chiang’s legacy.  Also, Chiang’s Wing Chun also hope all disciples of Sum Nung can see the sincerity to unite, to come together to discuss Wing Chun, to see Wing Chun flourish, and to carry forward our national essence of Wing Chun.  This is the goal of Chiang’s Wing Chun.